(photo by Alex Van Zeelandt )

(photo by Alex Van Zeelandt )

Thomas teaches workshops, online webinars and also does one-on-one tutoring/mentoring on photography, photo-editing and marketing for artists. He has presented to numerous photography associations around the world and  is currently teaching webinars  and demonstrations for PPA (Professional Photographers of America), the largest photography non-profit organization in the world. 

Thomas  offers a one day long (8 hours) mentoring program at his Atlanta studio for select students in which you will participate in a photoshoot, see (and learn) how Thomas lights, photographs and interacts with models, then observe (and learn) his post-processing techniques in Photoshop and finally, see some finishing methods that Thomas uses on his photographic prints.

You can also hire Thomas as your art coach and get one-on-one lessons via Skype or Google hangouts that will be directly catered towards your needs and your career goals in the art world.

Some of Thomas' recent students include acclaimed “Old Masters” photographer Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, award-winning Australian photographer Dasha Riley, underwater portrait photographer Cheryl Walsh and the commercially successful painter Jo Jayson.

For more information - you may contact Thomas here:

"Thinking like an artist and thinking like a business person are two entirely different skill sets.  Investing in some time with Thomas Dodd changed my art career entirely.  I went from someone with an expensive hobby to someone in the business of creating and selling fine art. I can't recommend him highly enough. "  (Cheryl Walsh, Underwater Portrait Photographer and winner of over 60 WPPI Print Competition Awards)

"There is no question that Thomas Dodd is a master of his subject matter and walks the walk – he is a professional artist. What makes him a great teacher? In my eyes, great teachers like Thomas enable their students to find their own way with skill and confidence. Not so good teachers encourage to blindly copy without understanding. I view Thomas as one of my most influential art teachers.... I can’t count the times I have found myself discouraged or at a crossroads, and I have remembered Thomas’ advice. I recommend his classes wholeheartedly."
(Dasha Riley, Award winning Australian Fine Art Photographer)

"I came across Thomas' work via Facebook 3 or 4 years ago and was struck by its beauty and similar themes and energy as my paintings. I did a one on one with Thomas online and he was extremely helpful with tips and info on raising your profile on Facebook and general info on making a living as a visual artist. Thomas is a mine of useful information and helpful guidance on navigating one's way through social media as an artist." (Jo Jayson,  Painter and published author)

In addition to his face to face workshops ,Thomas currently has 3 webinars available for download that you can watch over and over again (as many times as you choose to) on your computer:

"The Painterly Photo" is perfect for those of you wanting to learn Thomas' post-production methods in Photoshop and  how to make your photos look like paintings. This 2 hour long video (in mpeg format) is filled with Thomas' unique "painterly" tricks, tips and techniques... "The Painterly Photo" is now available as a download here:

"Fine Art Photography - Making a Life and a Living in Art" is Thomas' latest webinar and is perfect for those of you who want to learn how to make a living as an artist. In this nearly 3 hour video (2 hours and 49 minutes), you will learn how to approach galleries and get shows, how to market your work online and off, how to work with models, collectors and curators and how to create and maintain multiple income streams. "Fine Art Photography" is available as a download here:

"Photo-Editing 101: An introduction to Creating Painterly Photo Art"  Thomas' first webinar/workshop is now available as a download! In this 2 hour video, you will learn how to use the tools of Photoshop to create stunning works of art. Thomas deconstructs several of his most iconic images in this video and works on several new pieces from scratch. Follow along and learn many of Thomas' techniques and tricks for creating "painterly" photo art... Now on sale for only $100!