The Sixth Commandment - Do Thy Research

In this digitally connected world we live in, all art galleries are literally just a finger click away, so when searching for the right gallery to show (and sell) your work in , don’t just start randomly clicking on ones in the area you are targeting and then start sending them copied and pasted emails. .
Stop. Study their websites. Take a look at the artists they represent. Look at the past shows they have had and see if they ever have group shows or open calls. And most importantly, look at their submission policies for new artists
Honestly ask yourself “Would my work even fit in here? “

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The Second Commandment - Thou Shalt Have Consistent Prices

While it may be tempting to have higher prices in big city markets and lower prices in boutique galleries, artist co-ops or smaller towns, you once again have to step into your collector’s (and gallerist’s) shoes and see things from their perspective to realize that this is a very bad (and reputation-harming)idea..

If a collector pays top dollar for a piece in NYC and then travels to Topeka and sees the same piece priced significantly lower - they will feel ripped off and never want to buy from you (and quite possibly the gallery they bought your piece from) again. You have lost a client for life and you don't even know about it.. Likewise, the gallerist wants to know that your prices are consistent and that no other gallery is going to undercut them.
Keep your prices the same in all markets (as well as on the web). Remember - we live in a connected world these days and price checks are really just a keystroke away.

“Dandelion” by Thomas Dodd in the Museum of Contemporary Art - Sicily

“Dandelion” by Thomas Dodd in the Museum of Contemporary Art - Sicily