The Fourth Commandment - Thou Shalt Be Kind to the Newbies

Be kind to the beginners, the newbies and the students of your chosen field. Answer their questions not with world-weary snark or arrogant disdain, but with an attempt towards being helpful and sharing your knowledge.
If you think something is incorrect or not a good idea - then offer them an alternative or (what you think is) a correct path based on your experience and share that..
In short - be helpful. Don't be a jerk.

It is not only good karma and the right thing to do, it (being a jerk) also can come back to bite you in the ass years later...
For a lot of these newbies eventually become your peers and sometimes rise to greater heights than where you are at...

It's a fact of human nature that people tend to recall perceived slights or blatant put-downs just as strongly (even more so in fact) than the helpful advice they receive at the beginning of their journey..
Or, as the old saying goes: Be kind to the people on the way up - you will meet them all again on the way down..